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Off-screen dialog boxes

Question asked by peabrainpete on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by peabrainpete

I use a lenovo laptop with a 4K monitor.  When I switch to using just the laptop, the position of the dialog boxes remain unchanged from the 4K monitor, which can result in some dialog boxes being off-screen and unviewable.

e.g.  Script workspace, set variable, and the resultant dialog box is somewhere off screen...

This may be an issue with Windows as oposed to FileMaker, however this problem does not arise in any other program.  (I also did not experience this problem with FMPA 16.)


Windows 10 Pro 64bit (Up to date)

I have yet to investigate a workaround, if anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful as it will be some weeks before I return to the office and have access to the big screen to retrieve the dialog boxes...