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locked field

Question asked by B.Gerkes on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by B.Gerkes

Hi, I am trying to understand something a collegue left behind (he passed away sadly) in our Filemaker system. I just can not get my head around it. I'll try to explain:


He made a huge script (where the problem is created, I think) that I just do not understand yet but maybe someone can point me in the right direction.


The problem:

the script creates from the base table (table A) a new record in a different table (table B) by copying the content of various fields into that new record in table B. The idea is that certain info needs to be transfered from table A to table B without having a relation between the two tables.


So table A, record X --> script -> creates record Y, table B, where in record Y various info is copied into certain fields from the record from table A to the record in table B.

Now the problem is this: if a field in record X, table A contains data, the field + content is copied to table B and I can also change that content  in that field to something else (if I would like to).

However, if the field in record X, table A does NOT contain anything, the field in table B becomes empty too (makes sense ), but is also *locked*. And THAT is the problem. I can not change the content of that field anymore. Clicking on it does nothing, not selecting it, no cursor.


My question is, why is that and then how to solve it?


In layout edit mode there is blue/red diamond attached to the field and a yellow search glas. The field NAME is from the Table A. (But remember, there is no relation with that table).


I am totally puzzled. Any hint would be appreciated! Thanks.