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File hosted on FMS 14 works correctly with FM14, hangs with FM15 and FM16

Question asked by mwallen on Jun 27, 2018

I have a file hosted on FMS 14 running on a MacMini that has two tables - Answer Set, Answers.  Answer Set table holds records and contains an XML file and the Answers table holds the parsed XML file's individual records.


Each time a new Answer Set record is added, a script runs that parses the XML file and creates new records in the Answers table using a portal to create the records.  Each Answer Set record's XML file will render 100-1200 "Answers" when parsed, taking approximately 15-60 seconds to parse.  Each Answers table record has 5 fields: Answer - Text; Answer_Index - Number; AnswerSet_ID - Text; Question - Text; Version_ID - Number.  All are indexed. The Answer Set table has 8300 records.  The Answers Table has over 5 million records.


This parsing process has worked quickly and flawlessly for over 2 years using FMS14 v14.0.4.412 and FMA14 v.14.0.6.


My issue is that when I test the parsing process using FM15 or FM16 the process hangs when the script attempts to create the new Answers table record. I have scripted an alternative method for creating Answers table records by using the set variable steps and opening a new window to the Answers table and scripting a new record and setting the fields from the variables.  Either way, I get the same results, the process hangs.  It takes 15 seconds to create 100 Answers table records using FM14 and 60 mins using FM15 or FM16.


My question is whether something has changed in FM15 or FM16 that is causing the extremely slow creation of a related record? Or, whether this process cannot be done with FM15 or FM16 while the file is hosted using FMS14?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.