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How do I make a graph of data within a single record?

Question asked by Kathrynfw on Jun 27, 2018
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Hope someone can help with this. I have a database in which there is a questionnaire in which individual characteristics are rated from 0-3. Behind the scenes, there are multiple calculations, adding up or averaging the numbers from those questions.


My question:

If I want to show a graph of the different subsets of scores, how would I do that. I have tried creating a different Table with each of the subsets. I looked for videos and forum entries, and found one that said to make a List (value 1;Value2) and List (name1; name 2), but I could not make that work.


I have a layout that looks like this (I get that this layout is not going to help me make the graph, but it represents the fields in the database that I want to work from:


Characteristic cluster one:   4.5

Characteristic cluster two:   5.0

Characteristic cluster three: 3.5


The numbers are generated in a calculation field (e.g. cluster1calculation) in my first table, then I created a second table with "ID Number" in each table, and the relationship is via that field. Each of the clusters is autofilled with the result from the cluster in the first table. (probably made it way more complicated...)


I want a line graph that shows the cluster name on the x axis and the score on the Y axis.

I can only find videos that reference creating graphs across different records. Is this possible to do?




Thank you in advance.