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Unable to open FM Go 17 deployed file

Question asked by cthygesen on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by cthygesen

I have a situation with two databases A.fmp12 and B.fmp12 both deployed on FM Go 17. A contains an external data source reference to B as file:B.fmp12. However, when trying to execute a script (PerformScript) in B from A, a error 100 (Unable to open file) is returned. If I try to OpenFile B from A using my datasource defined above, same error occurs.


With error capture off the attempt to OpenFile will prompt to select a file. One B has been manually opened in this way, it is possible to perform the script in B from A.


Needless, to say when running on FM Pro 17 no problems occur.


Is anything wrong with the External Data Source definition for use with FM Go?