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Why does IIS anonymous authentication slow down import records?

Question asked by awchrist on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by james_quiggins

FileMaker Server 17

Windows Server 2012 r2

Intel Xeon E5620


1.5TB RAID storage


All users use FileMaker Pro to connect to the solution hosted on FileMaker server on our private network.


Our FileMaker solution uses the "Import Records" step to import a folder containing hundreds images.

Each Image creates a new record and is imported into a container field.

Before upgrading to FileMaker Server 17 from FileMaker Server 14 the Import Records step would import 20-30 images per second.

After upgrading to FileMaker Server 17 the Import Records step slowed down to 1 image per second.


I believe the difference between FileMaker Server 14 and FileMaker 17 that is causing this issue is that FileMaker Server 17 uses Internet Information Services (IIS) and FileMaker Server 14 uses SAMBA.


By default FileMaker Server 17 configures IIS anonymous authentication for FMWebSite to enabled.

The FileMaker Server 17 installation guide also suggests keeping this enabled.  


Disabling anonymous authentication for the FMWebSite in the IIS manager on the server immediately fixes the slow "Import Records" step and images start importing at 20-30 images per second.


What is ISS anonymous authentication?

Why does it slow down the Import Records step of a script if it is enabled?

What are the implications of disabling IIS anonymous authentication for FMWebSite?