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"JSONGetElement" failing on Windows 10

Question asked by GerardBeutler on Jun 27, 2018
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"JSONGetElement" failing on Windows 10


A process has been developed to perform the following during a users login.


A script is run in a file that puts together a json object.

The json object is attached to an "Open URL".

The script that is run captures the json object and sets it to a global variable ($$).

Subsequent steps set global variables ($$) using "JSONGetElement".


This process has been deployed and used extensively over the past three months with out issue.


This past week a new customer installed FileMaker Pro 16 and when performing this process their install of FileMaker Pro 16 failed to parse the json object using "JSONGetElement". The customer has two machine that is occurring. The machines are Windows 10 with all updates installed. There is not third party virus or malware detect software installed on these machines.


This customer used an iPad to access their solution with success so this showed the customer that the process does perform as expected.


Using installs of FileMaker 16 or 17 from other machines the process performs as expected.


What trouble shooting has been performed?

FileMaker 16 Pro, FileMaker 16 Pro Advanced and FileMaker 17 Pro Advanced (with and without tool enabled) were installed on the machine and the results were always the same.



The global variable ($$) is set to the json object, as expected.

When "JSONGetElement" is executed to set other global variables ($$) the following error is experienced:

"? * Line 5, Column 15 Syntax error: value, object or array expected."


FileMaker Support has been contacted about this issue and an incident has been initiated.

All suggestions from FileMaker Support have been tested with the same result.


Their suggestion was to post to the community.


The is being posted to Discussion initially.


Gerard Beutler