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Create related records in join table

Question asked by sccardais on Jun 27, 2018
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The script shown below creates related records in a join table and I want it to ADD a new related record.


Application ...


When people request a free trial of our software, they complete a form that includes a question about the software they are currently using. In some cases, their answers include more than one software package. e.g. QuickBooks and [something else]


Since their answers are in unstructured, free form text, we need to assign standard names to their answers. Hundreds or records in the Parent table may need to be assigned the same standard name. For example, QuickBooks is described in many ways and misspelled in many ways so the attached script allows us to create a found set using  loose FIND criteria in the parent table. Then, through a portal with a drop down value list of standard software names from the Glossary table, we create related Join records.


The script below works fine unless we have to assign more than one software package to a single Parent record. Instead of adding a record to the Join table, it replaces any previous values.


How should I modify this script to add a new related record rather than replace an existing value.


Thanks in advance for any help.