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How to convert a list in a field to separate records?

Question asked by ForrestNelson on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2018 by davidhead

I would like to convert a list of words from a field into separate records in another table. I have described what I have done so far below. My question is so far is marked in red which is Step 2-Part 3.


  • The color black=actions I have scripted and that are working
  • The color red=actions that I don't know how to script
  • The color blue=actions that I have not created yet


Step 1-Paste a paragraph of text into a field named Table 2::Field A

Step 2-Trigger script that

  1. copies Table 2: Field A and pastes it into Table 2::Field B
  2. replaces all spaces with returns which makes a list of words in Table 2::Field B
  3. somehow places all words in Table 2::Field B list into separate records in Table 3::Paragraph Words field
  4. Match Table 1::Jacet Words to Table 3::Paragraph Words field
  5. Find all words that are under Jacet 8000 Level 5 and below
  6. Delete those words from Level 1 to 5
  7. Color code words in the Table 2::Field A Paragraph text with words found in Table 3::Paragraph Words fields possibly with find and replace or the substitute command.
    • <font color="red">Table3::Paragraph Words</font>
  8. Show Table 1::Field in a Web Portal using the script
    • "data:text/html," & Table 2::Field A


For now, I just need to know how to do Step 2, part 3.


In detail, my goal is to create a program that can match words from a researched list of approved words. The list is called Jacet 8000. These are the English words that all Japanese junior and senior high school students must learn. From an English passage, I want to color code all the words in Table 2::Field A a color that matches Jacet 8000 words from level 6 to level 8.