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Start Up Script randomly failing on FMGo

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by ericjlindholm

I have a start up script that fails randomly for FMGo users. 

The strange thing about it is the only way get it to not fail after the initial failure is to delete and re-download the FMGo.


the file used to be too large to DL without wifi but thankfully that restriction has been lifted. 


I have on TO with one global field called StartUp::AccountName that is related to StartUp_Account::AccountName


My script goes as follows


Allow User Abort [ Off ]
Go to Layout
[ “StartUP” (StartUp) ]
Set Field [ StartUp::ACCOUNTNAME; Get ( AccountName ) ]

If [ IsEmpty ( StartUp_Account::id ) ]
     Show Custom Dialog [ Message: "There is an error loading your account settings. Please notify your developer."; Default Button:

     “OK”, Commit: “No” ]Exit Application

End If

Set Field [ Globals_Ui::id_account; StartUp_Account::id ]



and so on


I can understand that it would fail once, but attempting to repeat the script fails as well.  until the whole app is deleted. 

Any ideas?