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fmnet speed

Question asked by bkaisin on Jun 28, 2018
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I have a big database especially in terms of links and number of tables running on FMS16.

Some users use this database via internet with FileMaker Pro (not webdirect).

FMS is in New Caledonia and the response times are quite acceptable.

The server and the users are in the same city: Nouméa.

When the users leave this island of the Pacific, and connect again from Asia or Europe, the response time becomes terrible and unusable.

The fmnet protocol is not optimized for internet, but why such a difference as soon as you move far?


In comparison, when I connect to FMS via Apple Remote Desktop, I have no concern for response time while I'm on another continent. So it's not a connexion problem.

FMS is connected to an incoming and outgoing line of 100Mb.


I would like to understand why this difference in response time.

Thank you