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[FM17] How to correctly format call to Google Cal API via Filemaker Insert from URL?

Question asked by nalcus@mann on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by lizbogan

Hi all! I've been attempting to edit Google Cal from Filemaker. The constraints I'm working under are that I cannot use any custom functions or plugins. Currently, this is what my Insert from URL call looks like:


Insert from URL [ Select ; With Dialog: Off ; Events::GoogleResponse ; 
"HTTPS:// & $Calendar_ID & "/events/" & $Event_id ; 
cURL options: "
"--show-error " &
"--dump-header $HeaderDump " &
"--header " & $header2 &
"--header " & $header1 &
"-X POST " &
"-data-ascii @$postParams"

The URL seems to be correct as I'm making contact with the google API (and I have replicated this call in an external cURL tool and it works).


The variables are as follows:



$header2 = "Authorization: Bearer <token-val>" (the "" are intentional)

$header1 = Content-Type:application/json

$postParams = {"description":" \\\\n\\\\n\\\\n","end":{"dateTime":"2018-6-28T17:32:00","timeZone":"GMT-07:00"},"location":"111 1st St  city city, state 11111","start":{"dateTime":"2018-6-28T13:30:00","timeZone":"GMT-07:00"},"summary":"aaa @ zzz"}


When making the call, I get a "Connection Failed" error.

Internal Error = 1631

External Error = 400

Header Dump (important bit) = Bad Request


Does anyone have any intuition as to what the issue could be? I'm assuming that my payload is not formatted correctly but I can find little literature on what needs to be escaped/not in FMP. Thanks for any help!