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help creating new records from existing values

Question asked by golferjim on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by philmodjunk

I work at a golf course and now have the responsibility of doing the payroll twice a month. We have a time clock program that records punches (Digital). All I do is send a statement to the accountant of the days and hours that an employee has worked. The time clock program will let me export the actual punches (IN and OUT) and I can import them into a file I have created. I have it setup to create a report the desired period (1st thru 15th or 16th thru End).


All is well except when an employee hasn't worked during a particular week there wont be any punches to import so there name doesn't even show up with zero hours. The accountant insists on having a zero for the employee so she knows he is still working etc. What i need to do is create a record for the employee that is missing from the punches of zero for each week period. the report is date sorted so the new record has to have a date that corresponds to the week in question. We do semi-monthly but it has to be broken into week periods so they know if there has been any over time. The date isn't really important as long as it is in the week period (Mon thru Sun). We don't have a lot of employees (About 15). I have another table in the same file that has all the employees names in it to refer to. I thought a dedicated table for the import that could be manipulated with a script to have the new records added and then import the finished data into the payroll file. Some how to check the imported data against the list of employees and create one for any that are missing. The script would need to check for name and date period and if there is no record for an employee then create one of zero hours. I have every thing else working beautifully including holiday flags etc. Just this part I can't figure out....


Any help would be most appreciated...