GeoTrust Wildcard Certificate installation

Discussion created by DrewTenenholz on Jun 28, 2018

All --


I'm having some issues installing a custom SSL certificate and hope you can give some tips:


The setup consists of:

Windows Server 2016 Standard (64-bit)

FileMaker Server


I had no problem creating the CSR.  But, this is a hospital organization, and they have certificate issuing authority through their GeotTrust wildcard license, so they issued their own certificate file (in both base-64 format and an unusable DER format.  After pestering them, I now have certificates for their root ca, a GeoTrust CA Root.cer and the Global CA root.cer.


I've tried putting together certain elements, but no matter how many combinations I've tried FMServer has only given the error "Certificate could not be imported: Failed to verify the signed certificate and the intermediate certificates".


Does anyone have any experience with this sort of setup and gotten it to work?


Thanks for any help you can give.


-- Drew Tenenholz