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Add new info to the existing value

Question asked by max1390 on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2018 by max1390

Hey everyone, I really need your help. I will have two types of users, who will use the database, who need to enter data in full, and those who will add only partial info. So two main tables that I have are called Basket, and Loci. The database is set up this way that the Loci is the main one, and during the data entry after you fill out Loci you have portal of the basket, where you can add as many baskets as you would like. So, for the partial data entry layout, the main info that will be entered is basket, and only Loci number from Loci table. My problem is that in most cases Loci number already exists and I just want to be able to choose that number and add new basket to it, but because Loci number has to be unique and can't be repeated, I don't want to create another new Loci with the same number, I only want to add another basket to the Loci that already exists. Of course, I still can do it from the main data entry field. Though there will be a need to add a lot of baskets, and it will take too much time changing the records, instead of typing everything at ones, and just choosing related loci number.


Thank you for all your help!