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How to edit theme?

Question asked by mbl1230 on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2018 by beverly

Let me first state that I am a neophyte user of Filemaker and have only been using it for simple tasks for a few months. I would like to make a minor change to the appearance of the header in the Enlightenment theme. I just want to change the color from black to a light grey. As I understand it, editing themes is not a current capability of FMP 16. But I saw the recent post by Malcolm Fitzgerald that discussed a file he had written to apparently enable this editing.


My first question is whether that file would have the capability of modifying the Enlightenment theme as I described without my knowing anything about CSS file operations and then enable saving the modified theme as a new custom theme.


If the answer to that is affirmative, I have a number of other questions. First, when I downloaded and opened Malcolm's file, it stated that I needed to install the Goya BaseElements plugin. As I said, I am a neophyte and have never dealt with plugins so how would I install and use this Goya plugin? Secondly, the theme editor is just another database file. How would I use the editor to add the modified theme for use on future applications?


Finally, given my near total lack of understanding of this subject exhibited by the above questions, do you think I am crazy to even attempt doing this?