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Question asked by brad9 on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2018 by CarlSchwarz

Hello Everybody,


I am somewhat new to FileMaker and I need some help.  I work in a Community Center and about 2 times a year we canvas the community doing surveys.  I have made a layout were the survey answers to the questions can be inputted.  The are drop down boxes with the various possible answers.  I have then created a new layout where each response for each question is assigned a numerical value (using the Case statements).


My question is, I now want to create a layout / report where the number of times a certain response is given for each question and then place a percentage to this response based on the total number of surveys undertaken.  How can I do this?  Can i just count the number of times a "text" statement is used or do I use the number of times a "numerical value" from the Case statement is used?  or something totally different?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.