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Portal Update..did it change?

Question asked by pfroelicher on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by pfroelicher

I just lost about 3 hours.

I frequently use global fields to filter portals. So I have this portal that reflects timestamps of workers stamping their entry and leaving times. 20.000 records.

I made two fields "beginning" and "end" , both global and type:date. I have a date field in the timestamps table and each timestamp is a children of a worker.

When I now show Worker1, he as 8 entries on the 15 may, and 18 may. and I put 15 may and 16 may in the global fields.. nothing happens. Even committing the record..nothing happens, even switching to Worker2..nothing happens.. using "refresh object" on leave global field with the name of the portal... nothing happens, even "update portal" with the name of the portal.. negative..

Only refresh window.. then it works.

Is that normal?