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FM 16 Data API: Override Field Level Validation

Question asked by danjamins on Jul 1, 2018
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This is for FMS16 Data API (and 17 because we will be moving to it in August).


I'm having trouble with creating a child record because the foreign key fields are set to not allow modification.


I have the parent record (let's call it RecordA) in table A which has it's primary key.


I want to create a child record (RecordB) in table B, and populate TableB::foreignKeyOfTableA with the primary key of RecordA. Since in the FM database I do not allow modification of this field, the data API is having trouble. This along with a lot of other validation issues that are really meant for the users in the FileMaker solution.


The data API needs to be able to create this record with some required fields missing, and modify some fields that prohibit this normally.


Is there any way to force a record through even if it doesn't pass validation?