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Refreshing/Updating records entered by a script

Question asked by timraudies on Jul 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by keywords

Hello everyone,


At the moment I am working on a business solution, in which I want to make the transfer between an Order and the actual Production Line Items. I startet with a simple Customer-Orders-Order Line Items-Products solution.


From here I now want to transfer all ordered products into the "Production Line" table, which basically is a copy of the Order Line Items Table, but each ordered item gets its own entry. I wrote a script which loops through the entered quantity and gives all single items a new serial number.


Right now I attached this script to a button, which I labeled "Refresh". But here is the problem: whenever I hit that button it loops through all items again and adds them again to my production line. When I delete all records in the script before starting the loop, the auto entered serial number also changes, so this can't be the solution..


How can I make the script check, wether the specific item (serial number) has already been added to the table or not?


Thanks for any help!