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Why are quotes sometimes auto-inserted around text in a text field?

Question asked by dhafitch on Jul 1, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by dhafitch

I recently encountered this weird, frustratingly cryptic error using FM Server 17 (latest ver., served on a Mac mini under Mac OS High Sierra):


"Failed to load the bootstrap javascript: ./../../../../VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js?v=7.7.9.fmi"


I only got this error after trying to run a script that sets a web viewer with an URL that is stored in a global text field, and only as a WebDirect user (the web viewer just didn't load in FM or Go). Usually, this script works fine, but ONLY IF there are no quotes around the value in the global text field.

The error was resolved by simply removing such quotes from the text field!


(sob story: I only found this solution after deleting and reinstalling java, and then after installing updates, and then doing a complete clean install of the server, none of which resolved the issue.) 


Oddly, after saving the .fmp12 file, I sometimes open it to find that FM Advanced has automatically inserted quotes around the value in the global text field, even if I have removed them previously. Like some malicious ghost coder!


Is it possible to fix this bug or remove the "feature"?

Has anyone else encountered this intermittent auto-quotes-insertion behavior?

Or maybe this is just a bad way of using a global text field? (I just wanted a way to easily manage commonly used URLs which may evolve over time.)

(...I'm trying hard not to imagine some malicious conspiracy theory...)


Dave Fitch