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Delete record, based on priviliges

Question asked by max1390 on Jul 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2018 by mikeo'neil

Hi everyone! For my database, I am trying to add delete record feature, though I need it to be dependent on privileges set. Basically, I want users, who have basic access to be able only to send a notification to the specific person, who has required access and who will be able to delete the record for them. I set it up working this way. I've made privilege set, that doesn't allow to delete any record. After that I've added delete button to the record table, and set it up to perform a script.  The script basically commits any changes that were done, tries to delete the record, if it can't delete itself (because of the privilege set) it send an email to the supervisor. If it can delete, the script ends. If the record wasn't deleted it adds to the specific field that the request was sent. In general, I just don't want users with basic access to delete something without supervisor knowing it, so only after his approval the change can be done by himself. I was just trying to create something that will commit this change if you have needed privilege set, and if not, send an email to the correct person, and make some note in the record, that this request was received. I tried to make the delete button to change its color via conditional formatting, but wasn't really successful at that, so just made another field. I would be happy for some suggestions and help, adding script hereСнимок экрана 2018-07-01 в 21.18.20.png