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OnTimer Script

Question asked by gavjuan on Jul 2, 2018
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I have a layout (FMPA17) this is accessible to everyone in our office with specific fields concerning commission hidden to all except permitted users. To access data a password field is also hidden except to same users. To protect the files I have installed an OnTimer Script to clear the password after a defined period and hide fields again if the computer is left unattended. There is a dialogue box prompting permitted users to continue - "YES"/"NO". I'm having a problem with the script looping when response is "NO" - it is triggered by OnObjectKeystroke on the password field. I'm sure it's basic flaw in my script as I've tried all conceivable solutions and I've probably gone about it the wrong way.


- correct password reveals sensitive fields

- OnTimer Script triggered OnObjectKeystroke for password field (I've also tried OnObjectEnter and OnObjectExit)

- after 10 seconds (for testing only) dialogue box asks "Do you want to continue?" - YES/NO

- if left idle for 10+ seconds, script will clear password and hide fields again.


Hope I've made this clear.