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Script names/content not updating

Question asked by jakebutt14 on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by jakebutt14

Hey everyone -


I'm encountering a strange thing (bug?) that has never happened until recently. Basically, my scripts are not updating, even though I save them...  this includes both the name of the script, and all script content.


I have attached some screen shots as examples. Figure 1 shows the script I'm trying to reference as it currently exists; note the name (particular the "access" in parentheses) and the name of the global variables ("$$ADMIN.SYSTEM" and "$$ADMIN.FINANCE").


Now, when I perform an action that activates the script, the script debugger shows what is displayed in Figure 2. Note that the name of the script is not updated, nor are the names of the global variables. The same thing occurs whenever I try to reference the script; Figure 3 shows the Specify Script window (just added a new button to a layout and am assigning this script), and it also does NOT show the updated script name.


Has anyone else encountered this behavior? I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 17