Strange Behavior

Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on Jul 2, 2018
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I have a solution, that is our two companies' check registers.  We track additional info, ie. dates signed and sent, as well as how it was sent (regular or overnight).  Last week, a bunch of records "lost" the dates signed and sent and how sent.  I added it back.  Today, the "how sent" was blank for a number of records. 


I am not sure what is happening.  The first time I "blamed" the new guy, as they were his assigned vendors.  Today, the checks are for my vendors.


For two years, this file was one of four I hosted peer to peer, between myself and my coworker.  Nothing like this happened.  Now the Accounting Manager has become an active user since it is hosted on FMS17.  The owner has bizarre requests for check listings.  FileMaker has been perfect for this.  But searches are performed on the "HowDistributed" field to determine what is sent and what is pending signature.  But the Accounting Manager needs to rely on the data being reliable. 

There are no scripts that would clear data from any field of information across any records.  So it would have to be done by a keyboard command to Replace with ''.  While I would be surprised if the new guy did it inadvertently, I do not see the Accounting Manager doing so.  He is more aware of what he is doing.  Most of what he does is FINDs to create lists. 


Any suggestions are welcome.