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FM17 fmp url: executing a FM script from WV tries to open file in FM16

Question asked by AndresLP on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by AndresLP

Hi, when I try to execute a FileMaker script from the FM17 web viewer using the fmp url protocol, it tries to open the file using FM16, and shows an error message that the file could not be open. This is the WV html code:


"<html><a href='fmp://$/"& Get(FileName) &"?script=show_dialog&param=Hi there!'>Execute FileMaker Script</a>"


If I open the file using FM16 it works well.


I have attached a sample fmp12 file, ¿is anyone able to reproduce this issue?


This is happening to me using MacOS High Sierra, I guess I need to adjust some configuration at OS level so the fmp url protocol points to FM17 instead of FM16, but not sure where I need to do the adjustment. Anyone has any tip about this? thank you!