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Record IDs showing rather than text

Question asked by BMyers on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by BMyers

I'm seeing an odd behavior and I don't know if I've set up something wrong or there is corruption in my FMP database.


Let's use an example with three tables: Project, Contacts and Tasks.  On a Projects layout I'll have a portal of related Contacts.  The portal is designed to show the name of the contact (the Contacts table has a special calculated field that concatenates the first and last names).  It has reliably shown the full name in the portal until today, when I see a list of related Contact names, but the first record in the portal displays the Contact's record ID number rather than the name.  I can't figure out how that could happen.


Similarly, for a little while now I've seen the same behavior on another layout.  All Tasks are related to a Project.  On the Task record layout there is a field (not a portal) with the name of the related Project.  Sometimes the related Project field shows the record ID number rather than the Project name. 


This behavior is sporadic and I cannot replicate it.  Sometimes it happens once in a day, sometimes not for a week.


Any thoughts?