FileMaker Server 17 Email Notifications Errors/Warnings

Discussion created by JEDtech on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by AndreasT

One of the removed features in FileMaker Server 17 is the ability to specify whether to notify for just Errors or both Errors and Warnings but the documentation does not clarify what notifications should be expected.  Testing some things that would normally produce a email when "warnings" are turned on in 16 such as a user attempting to log in with the wrong ID or password no longer generates notification emails in 17.  So far I have not seen *any* notification emails from FileMaker Server 17 for either errors or warnings for the 5 servers we have installed so far.  All machines have verified the SMTP settings and some are sending backup schedule notification emails due to importing the schedules from FMS 16.


Has anyone else been receiving notification emails from FMS 17 and are they warnings and errors or just errors (or nothing)?