Windows taskbar and FileMaker 16 multi-file solution

Discussion created by shreedatye on Jul 3, 2018
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I have had to revert back to Filemaker 15 as the users are extremely unhappy with the Filemaker 16 behaviour on the Windows. I have a multi-file solution with one window for each file. Users need to use other softwares like Excel, Word, Browser etc. All these programs have their icons on the Windows taskbar. They use these icons to switch between programs. When they switch back to Filemaker 16 from any other program they need to select the appropriate FMP window from a number of FMP windows which is very  user unfriendly. Up until Filemaker 15 Filemaker showed just the last used window on the Windows taskbar.

Has anybody else faced this problem and found how to solve this.

I understand that this behaviour is because Filemaker 16 did away with the lower bar for whatever reason. I would love to have it back. Filemaker should at least give us a way to choose whether the user wants a lower bar or not.