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FileMaker webdirect behind a reverse proxy?

Question asked by andre65 on Jul 3, 2018

Someone experience with FileMaker webdirect behind a reverse proxy?

We have a number of webdirect applications on different servers (13, 15 and 16).

These lose the connection after a few minutes and do not react anymore.

Both on the client and on the proxy server there is a lot of traffic and the log files are full. Due to the filling of the log files, it happens that the proxy stops working !!


There is no problem directly. It is the combination with the proxy.

Removing the proxy (fortinet) from it is not an option, company policy.


We have been looking for a suitable solution for some time, but have not yet found it.

I assume that we are not the only ones with a solution with a reverse proxy.


How do other companies do this to ensure the security of the data?

What kind of solutions are they?