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How to detect what slows down a portal?

Question asked by habitare on Jul 3, 2018
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I have built a CRM and with companies and quite a few related tables that contain more information on a company (like employees, brands, invoices and some more).


If I search for a company the IDs o the found set are saved in a field and I switch to a layout that shows a portal with basic data on the companies that are related to this fiel with the IDs. If I select a company more information is show on this company in the same layout. Fine.


Sometimes collect a longer list of IDs of companies to work brought this list. Then I have a script that make sure that the current company is always "visible" in the portal with all the company basic data - as sometimes an operation/script let the portal jump back to the first record.  


Now I observed that this "go to the active record" in the portal can be veery slow. Obviously some calculation fields to slow down the walk trough the portal.


My question: What is the best way to find out what shows down the wall-trough? As I assume that I have to skip some of the calculations fields that are to heavy while other do not make any problem.


Kind regards, H.