Master Detail on iPad

Discussion created by techt on Jul 3, 2018
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So, we've been in the process of updating our solutions and leveraging some of the new features, including Master Detail. I can share, at least to the uninitiated, that MasterDetail has it's place, and it's not everywhere. We discovered through a little trial and error that from a usability perspective, some things just don't benefit from M/D. For example, when you want to see a list view of something with more than just a couple of fields, M/D isn't the best approach on limited screen widths. Now if you're in a situation where everyone has a wide display (4K-5K), you might still be able to leverage M/D, but unless your eyes are younger than mine, some serious screen real estate is going to be involved. So that's some background on the issue.


We discovered that a list of contacts or companies can really leverage M/D on a laptop or desktop. And with v17, the build out is dead-easy (thanks FM). But the iPad is a different beast all together. Horizontally, it too could take advantage of the new M/D functionality, but vertical is another story. At 768 pt (unless you force the higher res iPads), there is little room to apply the M/D. You end up with what looks close to two M/Ds on a layout.


So, does M/D makes sense for the iPad? Should we force an orientation, or just stick with the previous conventions? One thought I had was to leverage a trick from a few DevCons back - anchor an element to the right of the layout but just by one pixel; then it only presents if horizontal. I haven't tried that yet, but other than the opposite of the desktop, that does seem like an option, at least for presentation.


Curious to know how others have addressed this. Thanks in advance for contributing to the discussion.