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FileMaker Server Version:

OS:  10.10.5


I recently purchased a new SSL certificate through GoDaddy.  I followed the FileMaker instructions listed here https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?language=en_US&anum=14169 to complete this process.  I used the “fmsadmin certificate create” command to create the CSR.


After installing the new certificate I enabled SSL and restarted the server.  Unfortunately I could not access our FileMaker databases via client software or web direct access.  When trying to connect via website the page would load but none of the database icons would load.  Via the client software if I tried launching a database nothing would happen, normally I'd get prompted to enter username/password.  The admin console indicated all databases were running normal.  I had to disable SSL and restart the server in order to gain access again.


I followed the steps listed in the linked instructions above and did not encounter any problems during the process.  When downloading the file from GoDaddy I was given the option to choose which "server type" and selected "Mac OS X".  I did receive two files from GoDaddy.  I installed the first which appeared to be the main certificate file.  I’m assuming the second file was for intermediate certificates and did not do anything with this file at this time as there was nothing noting this in the linked instructions.  Another platform option during the file download was "Other".  I wonder if I should have used that instead and if it would make any difference?


Anyone have a resolution to this issue?


Secondary questions/options:


I noticed under the admin console -> Database Server -> Security Tab there is an “import certificate” button.  This was not listed in the linked instructions to use this option.  When pressing that button I’m asked for 3 items:


  1. Signed Certificate File - I have from GoDaddy
  2. Private Key File - I noticed when I used the “fmsadmin certificate create” command that a serverKey.pem file was generated in the CStore folder.  I’m assuming this is the Private Key File?
  3. Private Key Password - I don’t have this and was never asked or prompted to generate this at anytime during the process.


Should I be doing something different and using the “import certificate” button instead of the CLI to import the certificate?  If yes, where in the process would I be able to create the Private Key Password?