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How to get field data of previous month.

Question asked by on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hello Community,


I would like to build timesheet solution. so each customer will have projects and projects will have timesheet.

so my relationship is like this


customers ->Projects->Timesheet.


I have created an NEW table "Timesheet Invoice".


I will invoice timesheets monthly so so for each customer and for each month I will add an record in Timesheet Invocie table. so I will have something like this.


Customer ID          Project ID          Month/Year          Total                  HoursCarry

123                         3434                    05/2018              £233.00

343                        3343                     06/2018              £230.00


My question is based around a field I will have called "Hours Carry".


"HoursCarry " will have an calculation which will get the previous month "total" and do some more calculation.


My question is how I can get the previous month total of specific customer and specific project. So or if I have customer '123' and project '343' I need to get the value of previous total so in this case I need £230.00. Once I can get the value I do furhter calculation and store new record for same customer and same project but for 07/2018.