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SSL insecure connection

Question asked by max1390 on Jul 5, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I have recently imported SSL certificate to the FMS and now, when I am trying to acess my database with the IP I get 'your connection is not secure' notification, though when connecting with the dns name, everything is working fine. When providing the dns name to the CA I though that by the end it won't matter is this dns or ip, the connection will still be secure and it will connect without any problem. I also though that it might be a problem with the Wed Direct host name, though I am not able to change it anyhow, since I am using FMS 17, no edit deployment button. When trying to open Web Direct through launch center URL, it says that the connection is insecure as well. That's how it should work? Also, when trying to log in into the database through Web Direct using dns name, the log in window is available only after I reload the page. Without it it's just white blank page. When using IP, works perfect. Using FMS 17.0.2.Any suggestions?


Thank you!