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Question asked by mehbastan on Jul 5, 2018
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Hi Everyone

I have a database that has many client. I make Student Director for these schools. Some are French and some are English.

I made a script that when a school is not French to warn me before creating the Directory Cover. but when the language is correct I want it to go to the appropriate layout and Pause.

The script works when the Language is not correct but doesn't do anything when the language is correct.

What is wrong in this script?




If[School::Language # "F" ]

     Show Custom Dialog ['Warning"; "This is not a French School. Are you sure you want a French directory?"]

     If[Get (LastMessageChoice)=2

          Exit Script


          SetVariable [$SchoolID; Value:School::_School_ID]

          perform Find [Restore]

          Go to layout ["Student Directory Cover'(School)]

          Show/hide toolbar[Show]

          Adjust Window[Maximum]

          Enter browse mode[Pause]

          go to layout ['Main' (School)]

          Adjust Window [maximum]

          Show All Records

     End If

End IF