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the new concept of integrated palettes in layout mode is disturbing

Question asked by seevogel on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by seevogel

I love to have the former concept of the layout mode back where the inspector, the fieldpicker, etc where in separate windows.

I find the new concept used in FileMaker Advanced 17 disturbing.


Every time I change to layout mode the window is zooming to show the new sidebars for the inspector, fieldpicker, etc.

I gets more and more disturbing after using it for a while.


In the beginning I had hope that it let make the bug go away where somebody is not able to change from layout mode to browse mode if working with a second window of a single file solution.

But unfortunately that behavior did not change.


Now I ask myself: WHY did FileMaker Inc. integrated the palette windows into the main window?


Ok: we know that from other development platforms like X Code…


But FileMaker is different from those platforms.


In FileMaker we have a browse mode and a layout mode (and other modes too of cause) and we used to change between those modes frequently if we are developing or if somebody has right to change a layout.


So I see 3 possible solutions:

- going back to the old concept with external floating palettes

- give the user the choice to choose between those two concepts

- separate the layout mode completely to a different window (using the new behavior).

  That "developer window" may stay open permanently, being completely independent from any "user-window".

  Some way like the script workspace or similar.