Any tips on responsive layout (iPhone to Desktop)?

Discussion created by pruppert on Jul 6, 2018
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Can anyone point me to a description of responsive layout techniques for creating a single layout that scales from iPhone to desktop? Specifically, I'm hoping for a layout that on desktop has a vertical navigation toolbar on the left 30% of the layout and a single column of fields in slide control panel(s) on the right 70%. When the window gets narrowed beyond a specified width (iPhone size), I'd like the left navigation bar to hide/disappear so only the single-column slide panel is shown. Are there techniques for how to do this? The closest I could find was this discussion, but I cannot seem to adapt those techniques to my goals stated above: Autosize FMP14 Go layout for iPad Pro screen size? Ideally, I'd like to use a single layout for this to minimize the maintenance overhead when new fields are added to the layout.