Newbie Schema & Related Table Question

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I hope this "newbie question" is easy for the experienced FMP users here.


I'm building a simple database to keep track of photographs entered into various competitions. I have one table for images, one table for competitions, and one table for entries.


Here are some rules:

  • A record in "Images" pertains to one and only one photograph.
  • Each image is uniquely defined by the maker (photographer), the image number, and its title.
  • Each competition is uniquely defined by the competition name and date, the allowable media (e.g. digital or print), and the name of the category.
  • A record in "Entries" maps exactly one image to exactly one competition.
  • One image may be entered into one or more competitions, so one record in "Images" can map to more than one record in "Entries".
  • A record in "Competitions" can map to one or more records in "Entries".


With that in mind, here is the database structure, which uses "multi-criteria" relationships:



I have the relationships set to allow creation of related records:



So my first question is, do the relationships appear correct for what I'm trying to achieve? I ask, because in reading the online documentation I see various types of relationships such as one-to-one and one-to-many and many-to-many. I think the relationship between "Competitions" and "Entries" should be one-to-many, as shown here:

FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced Help


And yet I do not see how to change the relationship type in the Manage Database dialog.


Aside from that, does my database structure appear ok, or do you have suggestions?