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Table occurance dialog with wrong (shifted) order - System.Windows.Controls.Separator

Question asked by sjenne on Jul 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by TSGal

Filemaker Pro Advanced 16 / 17

Windows 10, 1803 Creator Update



This funny behavior is hard to explain.


When I open the dialog for sort (or export) fields and choose a table occurance of related tables, the dialog shows the fields of the occurance which is ONE ROW ABOVE in the order.


Please see attached pictures.


Pic 1

I want to open "adr_ADR__Adressen_markiert"

But it will open "adr_ABCTYP__ABCTypen"



shifted order pic 1.png




Pic 2

If I want to open the table occurance on top (adr__SYMBOLE), which has no table occurance above itself,  then there will be shown "System.Windows.Controls.Separator", which is definitively not a table occurance in my database. I can not open the fields in adr__SYMBOLE.


shifted order pic 3.png



Pic 3

The option to choose the layout is completely missing in this case.


shifted order pic 3.png



I repaired the database without any problem. So I think it is not corrupted. I think it is a bug. This funny behavior I have since some weeks, not since months or years. And all backups even years ago which I open now, have the same behavior in this file. The file has really a lot of table occurances.  In my other files the behavior is ok.


May be it is related to the bug as in thread "Listing of All table occurrences fails"  of Thomas Bauer 2018-05-21 since Windows Creator Update 1803.