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Upload to Dropbox using BaseElements Plugin

Question asked by Ralph Learmont on Jul 7, 2018

I have a need to upload files to Dropbox.  I have already done this in Filemaker 16 where the "Insert from URL" script step introduced additional power to post data and files to web services.


I would also like to do this in an earlier version of Filemaker, therefore the reason for needing to use the BaseElements plugin.  So far I have  been able to upload a file but only if it's a TEXT file. If the file is any other (such as a fmp file), the upload occurs but instead of the "full" file being sent, the end result is a very small file byte-wise that is the literal "name" of the file (rather than the file itself)!  Incidentally, my script refers to 'DropboxToken' (the secret App key that Dropbox provides).


I have tried many different ways to overcome this problem.  I have found a work around - which is to define the $file variable as BE_Base64_Encode ( Dropbox::MyContainer ).  Although it's a way of getting around the problem by converting the file to text, I would rather know how to do it correctly, so the file can be DIRECTLY uploaded… 


I'd appreciate some help on this.  Thanks.