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Search error: search a text calculation result

Question asked by hoapenncho on Jul 7, 2018
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Dear all,


I had a problem on search my text calculation result.


I have a calculation field called "reported". If the filed "No. of reports" is not 0, then "reported" = "yes". if no reports, then "reported" = no. So the code for "reported" field is like this:


Case (

No. of report ≥ 1;"Yes";

No. of report =0;"No";



Realy simple and it works.


However, when I search the "reported" field with "No", it will say "no records match this find criteria". If I search "yes", then both the records of "yes" and "no" will be found. Frustrated. Please help me. Thanks!


I am using the filemaker Pro 15 mac version.