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Why might my mouse pointer hesitate as it enters a field with focus?

Question asked by bbarrett on Jul 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2018 by wimdecorte

OK, the is odd and I don't know where to turn.


When a (multi-line) text field (edit box) has focus, and the mouse pointer moves across the left edge, or top edge (either going into or out of the text area) the cursor "hesitates" before crossing the boundary.


I seems kind of like it is trying to simulate "haptic feedback"



It seems to be happening in the "pad" area between the text and the boarder.

Also, if the entire text is selected, then there is no hesitation.

If 1/2 of the text is selected the hesitation only happens entering or leaving the *unselected* text area.

While the hesitation is ongoing the mouse cursor flashes very quickly between text insertion (I-Beem) and Arrow.

Only happens in FMPA, no other apps.

I don't recall it happening with macOS 10.11, El Capitan, and I recently upgraded to Sierra.


Failing Environment:

macOS 10.12.6 Sierra

FMPA 13, FMPA 17 (although FMPA 10 does not fail)

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)

Theme: Inspire - Enlightened

Goya "BaseElements" is installed but not enabled.

No script triggers


Things I've tried:

* Opening the same DB with a "fresh" user on the same MBP. - This stopped the hesitation. The is the only thing I've found to stop it.

* FMPA 10, does NOT have the hesitation problem.

* A FMPA 10 database opened with and converted to FMPA 13 starts having the hesitation problem.

* Created a new DB from scratch, in FMP 13, leaving all the defaults in place.

* Quit, and booted without: Karabiner-Elements and HammerSpoon. (Both can affect keyboard). No affect.

* Changing the field padding, no affect.

* Looked at the Appearance tab in the layout editor for anything "wonky" but it all looks normal.

* Looked at system prefs / Accessibility to see if there are any settings that might affect this. Didn't see any.

* One-line fields and multi-one fields, both same behavior.

* Moved a "failing" database from Sierra FMP 13 to a different MBP FMP 13, OS X 10.11 and it does not hesitate.


I'm willing to dive in further and try to find out what's going on, but on the off chance this is something someone else has seen too I thought I'd ask.


Thanks so much.


Enclosing .GIF animation and sample database.


PS: This behavior also exists for buttons, in the layout editor, where you in the middle of entering their name. (T tool)