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Concurrent Users FileMaker WebDirect

Question asked by lncurley on Jul 9, 2018
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I have been using FileMaker Pro and GO for well over a year, but am fairly new to WebDirect. I have created a WebDirect screen where users can go in and enter data online. What I have created is a blank 'Form' where my users enter data into a global table, then once finished, they hit the 'Submit' button. The Submit button copies the data into the master table and clears out the global table. I have this working great until two users are on at the same time and they see eachother entering data, when they are expecting a blank form. It is getting really confusing for them.


My question is: Is there anyway to make my users sessions private? How have other developers dealt with this? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I am using FileMaker Server 15.


Thank you!