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Runtime Solution - Primary File "DEBUG" cannot be found

Question asked by linste on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by linste

Product and Version

FileMaker Pro 16 Runtime (Signed)


OS and version

macos High Sierra 10.13.5



Upon running a FileMaker Pro Runtime for a few minutes the following error message pops up:


Upon clicking "OK" it'll prompt to select the file/database. When I cancel out of the dialog, the error message reappears after a few moments. If if leave the message open, I am able to continue using the Runtime Solution without any limitations.


There have been a few threads in the past, regarding this issue but none have offered any solutions unfortunately.



Running the Runtime Solution on a fresh user account on the same machine seems to solve the issue. Since migrating my user account to a new one is an extremely time-consuming process I was hoping there is an easier solution.


I have tried uninstalling all FileMaker Pro/Advanced Clients, deleting all Caches that I could find, but the issue persists.


Thank you for your help.