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FileMaker 17 Folder Bug

Question asked by Andy Hibbs on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by TSGal

Our level of dislike of the lack of basic features in FileMaker Server 17 rose to a new level today and could have resulted in a disaster.


This occurred while running FileMaker Pro Advanced on Mac OS X 10.13.6 and Windows 10 Professional connecting to FileMaker Server running on Windows 2012 R2 Server.


We have recently uploaded 2 additional database systems to our development server (as we will not be installing FMS 17 in a production environment until we regain some of the tools we've lost from v16 and earlier versions). We use additional database and container folders, which is where all our backups are pointed to.


Here's the list of problems:

As can be seen by the 'Share Folder' screenshot below only 1 Database folder and the Secure folder is displayed in FMPA17 whereas both the Main and Additional folders are displayed in FMPA16 within the File > Sharing > Upload to FileMaker Server > Change Folder window pointed at the same FMS 17 Server.

All current folders containing test and development copies of systems are displayed, which are located in the additional folder location

FMPA Sharing.png

We hadn't noticed that the 2 database folders that appeared in all earlier versions weren't displaying, as the folders we are working with all appear as expected

Using the 'New Folder' button creates a new 'Untitled' folder as expected that can be renamed and appears in the list with the other folders.

Database files can then be uploaded using FMPA17.


The problem is that this folder is created in the Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/ folder, which we do NOT backup as it should remain unused.


Although this looks to be an FMPA17 problem, the lack of features previously available in FMS17 didn't enable this issue to be spotted:

Unlike all previous versions, there are no folders in the list of hosted files in the admin console. Previously, this would have been spotted immediately as the incorrectly shared files would have appeared at the top of the list in the default folder, rather than the additional folder located further down the list.


There is no way (we can find, although believe the previously released API version may display this) of identifying the location of a file on the disk from within the admin console.


There is no quick method of investigating a log, other than having to download one to disk (our servers run with protected disks, so we have to unprotect the disk to gain access to the 'Downloads' folder), locate the Downloads folder, extract the compressed zip file and finally open the file in Notepad. Running further routines requires constant repeats of this resulting in logs being checked less frequently.. Previously 1 click within the Admin Console would have provided the information required.


Of course having finally spotted this problem, we have no multiple file selection to first close the files, then remove the files and have found no way of uploading the files to their desired location other than doing it manually within File Explorer or use an older version of FileMaker Pro.


We are also very concerned on how many posts from the TS FileMaker representatives that quote 'this has been addressed in FileMaker 17' with no apparent correction being planned for the year old FMS16, leaving us with a decision whether to live with old bugs or upgrade to a version that clearly wasn't ready for release for the May 2018 deadline.


Thankfully this was caught, but the outcome could have been very unpleasant.


Below is the admin console folder configuration for the FMS17 server in question.