How often should FileMaker Servers be restarted?

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Jul 10, 2018
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How often should FileMaker Servers be restarted?

I have heard that it is best practice to restart FileMaker Server on a regular basis (although “regular” was not defined).
Is this a good suggestion? If yes:

  • Why should a FileMaker Server be restarted on a “regular basis”?
  • Are there any stats that can be monitored to indicate that a FileMaker Server needs to be restarted?
  • Absent clear and measurable indicators, how often should a FileMaker Server be restarted?

Restarting a FileMaker Server takes time and effort and can be disruptive to users.
Minimizing unnecessary FileMaker Server restarts would help provide an optimized customer experience.

Often we have tools in place to monitor and alert on:

  • Email notification outages
  • Hard Drive space shortages
  • CPUs
  • Etc.

We would like to monitor any additional items to help us determine that it is a good time to either:

  • reboot the FileMaker Server “machine”
  • restart the FileMaker Server “software”
  • restart one of the FileMaker Server processes (that can be restarted independently)
  • do something else?
  • relax and do nothing with assurances that the deployment is running smoothly

Thanks for any thoughts or insights on this.

Tony White