Suggestions needed for alternatives to opening/closing windows

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Filemaker Advanced 17 - Windows Server 2012 R2 (this does not have FMS on it) - FM Client open 24/7 for processing data in and out of FM solutions plus a variety of tasks that needed automation. Would be running scripts for around 16 out of 24 hours that run via script timer Am not able to move all the processing server side for a variety of reasons but number one being that the solution is across 3 servers.


I have for a number of years used open and close window within loops. This way I can retain the found set, open a new window and constrain the set to the current record the loop is on and then perform scripts based on this found record, then I close the window and move to next record in found set and repeat.


The robot has been becoming increasingly less stable over versions but running v17 it is crashing daily. Issue has been found to lie in the fact we open and close many hundreds of windows during the 24 hours processing cycle. I have been advised to rewrite all my code that makes use of opening and closing windows in loops of big found sets.


So I am after ideas as I have quite a number of scripts that are crucial to the business utilizing this method.


I need to work though found sets of anywhere between 1 and 3000 records. I want to constrain the set to a record within the loop or sometimes records related to the record I am on in the loop (where it gets more tricky). I want to be able to run a script that will do something e.g pdf the current record/s and then email or insert into a container, send email, check that record has child records and if not create them, etc... At the moment I do all the sub-processing in the new window, then close it and go to next record.


I assume to get around the new windows I need to keep all processing in first window. So I need to retain the set and capture where I am in its loop. I do not want to keep repeating the initial find as some of these are long finds that are finding on unstored calcs (which is ok as the robot is doing the waiting not a person). I want to come up with something this is transferrable as this fix is going to have to be implemented in a number of files and tables. I do not have to spend a long time setting up globals and relationships to key fields so my preference is to find a work around that does not require this.


Any advise appreciated so I can try and code around the issue.


Thank you.