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Getting rid of unwanted records when re-running a found set

Question asked by mwpv11 on Jul 10, 2018
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Searches related to When we print a book, it is printed on multiple sets of plates called forms. There are two types of presses: narrow web and wide web (the web being the rolls of paper going through the press on which the material is printed). Narrow web presses generally need twice the number of forms than wide web ones. Sometimes we switch a job from a narrow to a wide web press. And is what is causing a problem. Let's say a job is printing on a narrow press and has 20 forms. This means that there will be 20 records added to the database, one for each form. Now let's say the job switches to a wide web press and only has 10 forms. The information about the job comes in as xmls. I have them set up to import with the "Update existing records in found set." The trouble is, when I import the new record, the first 10 records update, but it leaves me with 10 that are no longer needed. How to do I get rid of these extra records, or at least cause them to not show up in the table the operator (end user) will see?