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Copy data from one file to another (scripted)

Question asked by BerryHoning on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by BerryHoning

I have a system in which we write down our orders. It exists of two files, Orders and Orderdata. It's a bit similar to the invoice template, but it differs, two files, in stead of 1 file with more tables. The relationship between these are built upon order number. 


I'm working on importing data from our webshop module (which works seperately from FileMaker). This is importing data from an by the webshop generated excel file: all goes well. So I get the data which is something like:

company details - product order details (1)

company details - product order details (2)

company details - product order details (n)

in which 1, 2 - n stands for the individual products ordered.

Now, and this should be really simple... how can I copy the company details (company name, address, etc.) into my order system! I designed a simple copy/paste script, but that does not work and my FMP advisor told me that was very 1990. No coincidence, I started with FMP in 1992 or so and I'm not a specialist. ;-)


Which scriptstep do I need to copy the data from one file into the other? Already tried a few, but they did not work... (Testing in a double contactpersons file...)